Sonoma County Fire Rebuilding

Sonoma County Fire Cleanup and Rebuilding

Brunsing Associates staff has been working everyday with a team of local engineers and architects to help Sonoma County and the City of Santa Rosa prepare procedures to handle to rebuilding on such a large scale. Many homeowners have many questions on the cleanup and rebuilding process. Brunsing Associates is a team of local engineers and geologist that can help will cleanup, soil sampling, environmental concerns, erosion control, geotechnical studies and foundation evaluations. Our environmental team can help determine if any contamination remains on your property or under your foundation after cleanup in completed. Our geotechnical team can work with local structural engineers to determine the status of your foundation and if it needs to be replaced we can prepare the geotechnical study that meets current code for your new foundation. Our engineering geologists can help with any geologic hazards that may exist on your property.

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